Operative Asset Management

Highly productive, technically complex and/or environmental critical plants have to be operated, controlled and maintained properly and for a long period of time. Usually this has to be done aaccording to a lot of internal and external regulations. The maintenance department has to ensure and to monitor compliance of such regulations 24h a day, 7 days a week.
To fulfill those daily processes efficiently and fast, these processes have to be mapped correctly in the asset management system. Only then it is possible to prove evidence that operations are being carried out correctly and desicions have been made based on the relevant information.
More than 30 years of intens experience in redesign of maintenance processes and the implementation of these processes in EAM solutions is the basis of the broad and deep expertise of GiS’s developers and consultants.

  • Process consulting

  • Mobile

  • Outage planning

  • Decommissioning management of complex plants

  • Smart DMS integration

  • Clearances

  • HSE (Prerequisites, Clearances, work safety)

Examples of practice-oriented topics

Mobile inspection

For utilizing mobile solutions it is mandatory to analyse the operative maintenance processes. Only if all relevant data is displayed or captured on the mobile device digitalisation is being accepted by the people – an often underestimated risk when mobile maintenance is being implemented.

Companies also should pay special attention when taking the voyage of digital transformation on e.g. the proper integration of document management systems so that there are no media disruptions.

IT-supported outage planning

Regular turnarounds, planned outages are common practice. Depending on the size and complexity of a plant the planning of special tools, work orders for 3rd parties etc. can be very challenging. Using asynchronous planning tools which don’t use the enterprise asset management’s real time data usually do not allow a proper planning resulting in delays in preperations, fulfillment and feedback of tasks.

Our experts have broad experience in the area of e.g. nuclear power plants, where downtime costs hard cash and has to be minimized while at the same time everything has to be done and documented in strict compliance with the regulations.

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