Configurable solutions for a significantly more efficient use of EAM systems

Insight Control Panel has been developed for working more efficiently and comfortably with market leading Enterprise systems. Optimize and broaden the performance, functionalities and possibilities of EAM systems like IBM Maximo, SAP EAM / SAP PM and Infor EAM.

With version 2.8 the new release of the Insight Control Panel is now available.
The primary innovation here is the Insight Dashboard module. A demo version of this module is currently being prepared.


  • Different perspectives on data

  • Use case specific configuration of data models and interactions

  • Near real-time data extraction - efficient and fast data exploration

  • Data storage via business logic of source system



Objects are found at speed of light, across all kind of EAM applications. Entries are done in a fraction of the time.


Quality of data is significantly improved. Drag&Drop avoids typos and due to simplicity more information is entered by users.


Users have more fun as using EAM systems is now more intuitive, faster and simpler.

Speed and quality

Drivers for effective and efficient work with enterprise asset management systems:

  • Actual and complete data
  • Data from other databases
  • Overview of relevant data of assets in facilities/factories
  • Intuitive software
  • Ability to do use the system correctly even when it is not being used on a daily basis
  • Fast access to information (not only data)

The components of the Insight Control Panel are designed to meet exactly those needs.